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THEBEST4YOU is a real estate company independent of any constructor, this feature allows you to select and offer only the most beautiful projects in France.

The purchase of a second residence in France or investment property is part of a wealth strategy. For this reason THEBEST4YOU surrounds itself with professionals, from the wealth advisor to the tax advisor.

What follow-up is ensured by THEBEST4YOU?
  • Before purchase

    Preselection of real estate projects. THEBEST4YOU will see all the land and validate the pitches in order to offer only prime situations and guarantee a high heritage value of the goods offered. Analysis of the quality of the builder.

  • During the purchasing process
    • Firstly, THEBEST4YOU presents all the ins and outs of a real estate investment in France during an individual meeting with the client. During this interview, THEBEST4YOU will discuss tax, technical, property, financial, etc.
    • When you are interested in a property, THEBEST4YOU organizes a site visit with one of its partners. This visit will allow you to appreciate the environment and to visit older projects of the builder.
    • During the entire construction period, THEBEST4YOU will keep you informed of the progress of the work by regularly sending you photo reports.
  • After delivery

    THEBEST4YOU remains at your side, to intervene if necessary with the manufacturer, to exercise all the guarantees you have under the law.

    THEBEST4YOU will remain your privileged partner for all questions relating to the management of the property (tax declarations, property advice, etc.).

We are your single point of contact in order to facilitate your access to information.
We give you the same price as direct from the manufacturer.
Personalized support before, during and after purchase