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France ?

There are innovative ways to invest in real estate in France

Various systems have been put in place by the French State in order to boost real estate in very specific sectors (student, senior, social housing, business residences, etc.). It is investors who are directly affected by these provisions.

In France it is possible to reduce the tax base of your property income to 0

Indeed, it is possible to profit from an income net of tax by deducting from the gross income all the taxes, the expenses of joint ownership, the interests on loan and the depreciation of the walls and the furniture.

France offers very interesting possibilities in the field of estate planning

France offers the possibility of transmitting its real estate heritage free of inheritance tax by giving free bare ownership of its real estate to its children. Upon death, the usufruct returns free to children.

France offers political and economic stability

The economic stability of France is no longer to be demonstrated. Indeed, the economic crisis from which we are currently emerging has had very little effect on real estate. In addition, France allows us to invest in the euro zone, which has the result of annihilating all the problems linked to currency fluctuations.